Happy’s Pizza Scratch-Off Giveaway – Third Prize / Car Lease Redemption


A winning Entrant must take his/her winning entire original Game Piece with the winning message and securely attach it to an 8½”x11” sheet of paper which contains, in the winner’s handwriting, his/her complete first and last name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), city, state, ZIP Code, daytime telephone number, e-mail address and signature (“Game Piece Submission”). The potential winning Entrant, at his/her sole cost and expense, must then send the Game Piece Submission by registered mail, certified mail, or overnight mail (Priority Mail Express – US Mail/Federal Express/UPS) received by October 17, 2017 to Mercury Promotions & Fulfillment, Happy’s Scratch-Off Giveaway Game, 35610 Mound Road, Dept. 20, Sterling Heights MI 48310-4725.

  1. Upon receipt by Mercury of a complete and valid Game Piece Submission, Mercury will send each potential Third Prize winner, an Affidavit of Eligibility/Compliance & Publicity/Liability Release (“Documents”) for signature, as allowed by law.
  2. In addition, each potential Third Prize winner will be required to (i) provide a copy of his/her US driver or motor vehicle operator license and (ii) consent to a background check as part of the Documents to determine if the potential Third Prize winner could qualify for the Car Lease Prize. Mercury will inform each verified Third Prize winner that passes the background check that he/she qualified to participate in a random drawing for the Car Lease Prize and the time, place and location of the random drawing (“Car Lease Prize Random Drawing”). If a potential Third Prize winner does not qualify for the Car Lease Prize but is otherwise qualified to win the Third Prize, then the Sponsor may award the $50 Happy’s Gift Certificate and not invite the person to take part in the Car Lease Prize Drawing.
  3. The potential Third Prize winners must send the completed Documents back to Mercury for receipt no later than October 23, 2017. Failure to comply with the required stated dates will result in forfeiture of the Third Prize, as applicable. Delivery of the Third Prize is set forth in Section 7 of these Official Rules.
  4. NOTE: All Game Piece Submissions are subject to verification by the Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion. Proof of mailing does not constitute proof of delivery. Entrants should make a copy of his/her Game Piece Submission for his/her records. The Grand Prize and the Car Prize winner will receive a Form 1099, as required for tax reporting purposes. All Game Piece Submissions (and required Documents) must be received by the required dates or they will be forfeited.
  5. NOTE: The Third Prize and Car Lease Prize (“Major Prizes”) will only be awarded to verified winners in accordance with these Official Rules. If there are no verified winners for a Major Prize or if there less than the maximum number of verified winners for each Major Prize as set forth in the table set forth in Section 3A, then those Major Prizes without a verified winner may not be awarded at the Sponsor’s sole and absolute discretion. It is possible that all Major Prizes will not be awarded. There will be no second chance drawing.

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