We are happy to announce that since September of 2015, Happy’s Pizza has teamed up with Elevate Detroit, and have donated 50 pizzas a month to people in need. This month, Happy’s and Elevate Detroit reached a bit further than the Detroit area and expanded our giving to Flint.

Elevate Detroit has an outstanding track record with the organization’s CommuniD BBQs, to help feed people in struggling areas. Flint, as many people know, are in a difficult position where even finding clean water has become overwhelmingly difficult. Happy’s Pizza proudly provided hot meals to the people of Flint this past month as their support for each other resembles the support the Detroit community showed Happy’s Pizza when it first opened.

Happy’s Pizza has been know for over twenty years to put a smile on people’s faces because of the quality food we provide. A full stomach is the best way to brighten a person’s day; and that means for the people who eat the food, and us, who provide the food. For a total of 50 pizzas, Happy’s has donated not just to Flint, but have donated 10 pizzas to Mt. Clemens and 25 pizzas to Madison Heights as well. We realize that there are multiple communities that may not be receiving a national spotlight like Flint is, and Happy’s intends to do everything possible to feed anybody participating in the CommuniD BBQs.

Over this past month, we have provided a total of 50 pizzas for Elevate Detroit’s CommuniD BBQs in Madison Heights, Mt. Clemens, and Flint. And to partner with Elevate Detroit, which has the same goal to better the community, it is a pleasure to provide our services. Every month, Happy’s Pizza will continue to provide 50 pizzas for these BBQs, and work towards a better tomorrow for the greater Detroit area; and do so because this is where Happy’s Pizza got its start, and we plan to stay loyal to the customers that have taken us to such successful heights.

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