Since its humble beginnings, with a single store in Detroit, Happy’s Pizza has always looked for ways to give back to the community that made its success possible. In 2015, Happy’s Pizza teamed up with Elevate Detroit to give back to a community they have been a part of for over 19 years. Happy’s Pizza is looking to not just serve the best pizza in town, but to serve the people in the best cities in the country.

On a chilly Saturday last September, Happy’s Pizza teamed up with Elevate Detroit for the first time to feed some 200 homeless men, women, and children to help better the community and promote the idea that good food can bring anyone, from any walk of life together.

Elevate Detroit, a Michigan Non-Profit network comprised of volunteers from the metro Detroit area, has been feeding Detroiters in need for the past eight years. These two organizations, although different in nature, share common goals; to bring the community together, provide hot nourshing meals to families, and simply to help those who need a little help.

Since their initial donation of 200 pizzas, Happy’s Pizza has donated 50 pizzas every month to Elevate Detroit’s locations in Detroit, Pontiac, Flint, and Mt. Clemens. This continued partnership between Happy’s Pizza and Elevate Detroit is helping hundreds of men, women, and children, who are struggling to afford food or shelter on a daily basis, especially during the cold winter months. In addition to pizzas last month, Happy’s purchased and distributed new down-filled coats, as a special Christmas gift, to the Elevate Detroit community.

Whether it be donating food, clothing, or providing shelter for someone who has no home to go to; the only way to really be a part of the community, is to go out and start lending a hand. Happy’s Pizza understands that concept, embraces it, and will continue to build stronger communities through partnerships with organizations like Elevate Detroit. That’s what the Heart of Happy’s is all about.

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