Happy’s Pizza Franchise Initial Investment

Happy’s Pizza Estimated Initial Investment

This range of investment incorporates all costs associated with opening a Happy’s Pizza franchise. Ranges of investment will vary greatly depending on market variables. Real estate, costs of construction and other market-driven expenses will impact the total investment to open a restaurant. These expenses are inclusive of working capital needed to build the new business which have been estimated based on our experience in the industry. Specific questions related to initial investment expenses can be addressed to the Happy’s Pizza franchise team.

Basic Happy’s Pizza Franchise Details

Franchise Fee: $25,000
Royalties: FLAT FEE of $1,500/month; $1,000/month first 3 months
Cash Investment: $100,000
Total Investment: $313,880 – $495,000
VetFran: Yes
SBA approved: Yes
Master Franchise / Area Developer Opportunity: Yes

Founded: 1994
Franchised: 2007

$25,000 $25,000 Franchise Fee
$2,500 $15,000 Real Estate Security/Utility Deposits; Licenses/Pre-Paid Fees
$160,380 $180,000 Equipment, Fixtures, Furniture and Exterior Signage
$8,000 $10,000 Interior Graphics
$75,000 $175,000 Leasehold Improvements
$15,000 $25,000 Opening Inventory and Supplies
$1,000 $10,000 Insurance
$10,000 $10,000 Grand Opening Promotion
$2,500 $10,000 Miscellaneous Travel and Living Expenses for Training
$10,000 $15,000 Additional Funds – 3 Months
$2,000 $5,000 “Opening Soon” Signage, Miscellaneous Pre-Opening Expenses
$2,500 $15,000 Site Selection/Lease Renewal/Negotiation
$313,880 $495,000 TOTAL INVESTMENT PACKAGE (Standard)

** The information above is from the 2019 Happy’s Pizza Franchise Disclosure Document. For a full copy of this Disclosure, please feel free to contact the Happy’s Pizza Franchise Development Department.

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